Indian Legend

Indian Legend by Richard Hensley
It is known by stories from the old ones and legends from many different tribes that once there were mighty nations or civilizations upon the land. The people were strong and had an abundance of crops and food for their families. There was peace upon the land and things were good among the people.

These ancient ones had holy men who taught the people the ways of their religion and wrote a record of the Great Spirit and how He led this mighty people. This record was passed down from the spiritual ones to another Medicine Man who walked close to the Creator. Sometimes the record was entrusted to a son of a chief who would guide the people after the chief’s death. It is said that there was never such a blessed people upon the face of the earth.

After many years there began to he divisions among the people and many felt that they were better than their brothers and sisters. Some began to he proud in their hearts and not share in the Indian way. Others began to war with different clans and soon this great civilization began to break up into tribes. These things began to happen because the people would not listen to the old ones and the holy men. Soon great wars broke out among the people and they began to scatter. Now the Creator looked down upon His people and was sorry in His heart that His people had departed from the ways He taught them by the prophets and holy men.

There was a mighty warrior who walked in the ways of their religion, who had kept the sacred written record of their history and the great prophecies given to this people. Because of the great wars and because the people would not listen to the holy ones, the Creator told the mighty warrior, who’s name was Moroni, to hide these sacred records in mother earth until such time that the Creator would bring them forth.

The wars became very great and the people divided and continued to divide. There were a few ancient ones who tried to keep alive the religion which brought such peace into the hearts of the people. but they did not have the written language so they told stories to try and revive their religion of the Great Spirit who was known by many names: Woconda, Wonca Tolka, etc. Many of these stories have been passed down by the grandfathers to the children even today. ”

In the record which was hid up by the mighty warrior, Moroni, were many great prophecies. One prophecy told of the white man coming over the great waters and taking from the Indian that which was his — the land. It told of how the white man would make war and afflict those who lived upon this great land.

One of the most beautiful prophecies was that of the Son of the Creator who was to come down from the Great Spirit and walk among the native people. The holy men who witnessed this great happening wrote the words which the Son of the Creator gave them in the Sacred record. This was how they received their religion, which helped them to grow peace and great love for each other. The prophecy goes on to tell how they would
leave their religion which the Morning Star visitor, or the Creator’s Son, had given them and began to have great wars among themselves, brother against brother, tribe against tribe.

The Creator, looking down with great sadness, saw all these wars and the white man coming in many boats from many lands causing hurt upon the native people. Soon the native people were in bondage, like slaves to the white people. The white man did not understand the ways of the native people and had no respect for his Mother Earth and did not do the things that their religion told them to do. They talked of the Great Spirit as loving only the white man’s ways and the Indians (as they were called) had to become as the white man and forget all their own culture and ways.

The white man would tell great lies and cheat the Indians; and yet the white man’s beliefs from their God told them these things shouldn’t be done. Soon the buffalo and other game which the Creator had provided were hardly to be found.

The Creator looked down and was sad because of what the white man was doing to the native people. The Creator said, “It is time for the sacred record to come now from out of Mother Earth; that the children of men may know the true religion and how to respect the land and animals; and that this land belongs to my native people.” The Creator said to His son, “The record must first go to the white man, that he may know of the correct religion, that he may repent of his evil ways and help the native people to have their land and live as true brothers and sisters.”

“Yes” said the Creator, “the true record will go first to the white man, to give him his chance to repent and change his ways. If he does not, I will bring great destruction upon him. I have made many promises to my native people and the sacred record will go back to them, that they will know again of their true religion, that wars will cease and peace will once more come upon the land and the sacred circle will be made complete once again. All tribes will come together to complete the sacred circle. The land will go back to the native people who will know their true religion.

The white, black, red and yellow people of the earth will learn the true religion and peace will come. When these days come then will the Son of the Great Spirit will walk once again on the earth, as He has promised to return.

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