Who is The Holy Ghost?

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Who is The Holy Ghost?

In this post we are going to continue with the temple endowment covenant of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother called the everlasting covenant…we paused at verse 39…the following verses will explain more of the mysteries of creation and will answer many questions…

Why is the denial of the Holy Ghost the unpardonable sin? this question and more will be revealed in the ancient Nemenhah Temple re-in-enactment of The Creation…

What is the New and Everlasting Covenant taught in the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Continuing where we left off in the previous post titled (Temple Endowment Covenant of Elohim Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother)

38) Narrator:And Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother were not alone in the bosom of eternity. There were others like Them, as well as Their own Spirit Children. But a time came when all Their children were occupied in making their own creation and following the path of the Universe. It was in that time that Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother took counsel with each other:

39) Elohim Heavenly Mother:It is long since I have traveled about and observed the many creations of Our children. I know that We will not be able to speak with any of them personally, lest We destroy their work because of Our own glory, but would it not be interesting to go and watch them in their labors?

40) Elohim Heavenly Father:It would be interesting.

41) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Perchance, We may see something different.

42) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother traveled for a long time observing the development of Their children and of the new worlds they were building. This gave Them much joy in the knowledge that each creation was one of Their children in the process of becoming like Them.

43) Narrator:After a very long journey and much observation, They came to a place where They did not expect to find people (for They knew the creation, and were acquainted with the nature of things), but They were surprised and delighted to find a small group of people living next to a river. The people had built rude huts of the sticks and of the reeds that grew along the edge of the river, and they were subsisting on fish and mussels from the river and on roots and tubers from the river banks.

44) Narrator:As They watched these surprising people, They saw a curious thing. Moving about among them was a Being that the people evidently could not see. From one person to another, this one darted, whispering in their ears. Then one of the men of this small family group took down his hut and moved it to higher ground. He also began gathering edible tubers and planted them extensively along the shoreline of the river and in the swampy places. As They watched, Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother noticed that most of the people began to do the same thing. When the river flooded, only a few of
the people who were left on the river bank lost their homes and belongings. This They found very curious. For, They knew that the people were developing well ahead of that rate of development They had heretofore seen.

45) Narrator:On another occasion, and on another world, They observed two opposing armies readying for battle. The defiant people were all on horseback and arrayed for war, each believing themselves justified, each ready to face death to prove it. Then once again, a Shadowy Figure, visible only to Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother, moved from the one great leader to the other, whispering something to them.

46) Narrator:Suddenly, one of the leaders rode out into the middle of the field of battle accompanied by two of his companions. They stood there like statues until the leader of the opposing army rode out with a small party of his men. After a lengthy discussion, the stern faced warriors turned and rejoined their ranks. Then all at once the two hosts began to break up and go in opposite directions. The discipline gone and with it all need to justify their position. The conflict was over.

47) Narrator:Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother decided to follow this Shadowy Being as It moved from one project to another. It looked here and looked there and They followed It. They called the being Holy Ghost and for a long, long time They watched Him change and influence all of the men and women who would listen to His whisperings. They began to notice that it was only at crucial points of emergence that Holy Ghost intervened, and that His actions had the effect of reducing the time it took for societies to move into that point where self-mastery and discipline is attained. Not once did Holy Ghost speak to the children of the Father and the Mother while they were yet in states of development in lesser kingdoms. Never did Holy Ghost suggest to the stone that it change its position. Never did Holy Ghost suggest to the willow that it alter its course. Never did Holy Ghost whisper to the lion, the bear, the horse, or any other being other than a man or a woman. It was only in the final stages of development that Holy Ghost sought to alter the course of progression.

48) Narrator:Finally, Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother decided the time had come to make some kind of contact with Holy Ghost.

49) Elohim Heavenly Father:This is a thing not seen anywhere in the Everlasting Covenant.

50) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Surely, this is a new and a curious thing.

51) Narrator:As They thus counseled together, They realized the impact Their discovery would have on all aspects of human existence and progress. Surely, if one knew an unknown thing could exist, could not many? The cosmos is a place of immenseness and, although such a thing might not overturn all things as they stood at that time, was this not an indication that alternatives do exist? That a thing had always been done one way no longer required that it must always be done in that way. Such a thing does not unmake
the Universe, but it does remake it, in terms of the infinite possibilities and alternatives to action.

52) Narrator:So, They approached Holy Ghost and spoke to Him.

53) Elohim Heavenly Father:Lo, Shadowing One. We are the creators of these with whom You meddle. What are You and where do You come from?

54) Holy Ghost:I greet You. I am as You see, and I am just as You, from this very place.

55) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Look, Elohim, this One is intelligent. Tell Me, Shadowy One, who of Us created You and sent You?

56) Holy Ghost:I am not made by any such as You, but I am.

57) Elohim Heavenly Father:Elohim, this One is not as We are, but I perceive that He is a personage of Spirit. Observe how He does interact with Our children, yet He disrupts them not in their progress. This thing surely is new in all the world.

58) Elohim Heavenly Mother:That is right, Elohim. This is a new being, indeed, and fortunate are We that we may hold concourse with Him.

59) Holy Ghost:I am. Neither new, nor old am I. But My kind is many and we have always been.
60) Narrator:Holy Ghost was not surprised by Elohim Heavenly Father’s and Elohim Heavenly Mother’s curiosity. He had also been curious about Them, but it was not His way to openly address anyone. His way was one of more gentle influence. But once the Three began to counsel together, Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother realized that there was a great deal yet to be learned about the cosmos and that there was much that needed to be done about it.

61) Holy Ghost:Your children have I always loved. For, of all the physical creations, they are capable of sensing My influence. I know that not all unto whom I whisper will respond. Nevertheless, I have learned that the men and women, although they are alike to the other creations in their corporeality, yet they seem to posses a more refined center than their physical bodies alone. Should they be moved upon to exercise it, they do expand and grow until that center can be made to fill their whole creation. I have seen this produce such a transformation in them that they become easy to influence to do good one to another.
Behold, I have made this My own work.

62) Elohim Heavenly Mother:These, Our children, are striving, through almost endless toil, to become like unto Us. They are passing through their creative works utilizing a portion of the Endowment of Power within Us. Indeed, this is the nature of our race. We are all engaged in it until we progress to that point wherein we may command matter, of our own selves. This is Exaltation. All people like unto Us are so engaged.

63) Elohim Heavenly Father:Thus has it always been unto us, even to act and to be acted upon in the body, but striving to gain that glory wherein we may act and be not acted upon only. Thus we pass from one state into another. Yea, thus we emerge into the exalted state, after worlds without end.

64) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Tell Us of Yourself, Shadowy One. Who are You, and of what kind of being are You? Are You an unfinished being, like unto Our children before they begin their creative work? For, they are born in Spirit and have no ponderable matter until We loan it to them of Our creation. Thus are they placed upon the road that leads them to the acquisition of their own matter.Are You like unto them before they took upon them Our matter?

65) Elohim Heavenly Father:Nay, Elohim, I think the body of Holy Ghost is discernible only to those of us whose spirits are bound to their bodies. Our children cannot see Him. He is, I perceive, like Us, and yet unlike.

66) Holy Ghost:My people are able to act upon matter in certain ways, but we are unable to organize it or give life unto it. We can cause Your children to act upon their power to create, but we have no creative power of our own.

67) Elohim Heavenly Father:You do cause Our children to learn and grow at a remarkable pace.

68) Elohim Heavenly Mother:You cause them to advance in their progress. This is something different, Elohim Heavenly Father. Let Us stay with Holy Ghost and have joy in watching Our children grow.

69) Holy Ghost:Why do You not do as I do?

70) Elohim Heavenly Mother:We cannot interfere without great risk to the bodies of Our children. Should We interfere when they are not prepared, their bodies cannot withstand Our glory, and they disintegrate. They then must begin again and even more time is required for them to become like Us.

71) Holy Ghost:The Law of Restoration is a cosmic verity. No matter whether your nature be ponderable or spiritual, that which is begun anywhere has physical consequences everywhere. It is probable that the process of progression You have described to Me originates much discord and disharmony in the cosmos. For every singularity of harmony and order, how many singularities of discord, disorder and disharmony are created as your children struggle for eons through the process of emergence?

72) Elohim Heavenly Father:In consequence of the Everlasting Covenant, a great many errors are made which, eventually, lead to one singularity of truth.

73) Holy Ghost:It is a way that attains the desired end. That much is proven in abundance, if only by the fact of Your own existence. But consider, You were unaware of Me and of my kind. That You knew not of Me is no commentary upon Your intelligence. It cannot be forgotten however, that I did nonetheless exist, even though You had no knowledge of Me. You speak of things that have always been thus and so. And you speak of a plan that causes much suffering. I tell You that this suffering is what caused Me to come from the place of My abode even out into the deep to ascertain the source of it. It is this suffering that I strive to relieve.

74) Elohim Heavenly Father:The Everlasting Covenant is the Way of Heaven. It has always been and shall always be. If it causes much suffering, We are comforted in the knowledge that, in the end, Our children do emerge out of the suffering to become like Us.

75) Holy Ghost:I am not convinced that because this Everlasting Covenant has always created vast amounts of suffering, but in the end Eternal Life, that it must necessarily signify that there is no other way to attain Eternal Life.

76) Elohim Heavenly Mother:What has always been is changed. What We knew to be true of a surety was true. But here is a truth We knew not of, but is also assuredly true.

77) Elohim Heavenly Father:The World is a very big place.

78) Holy Ghost:Let us make an experiment. I am always alert to the opportunity to meddle for good. Look at Me, Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother. I am not corporeal in the same sense that You are. I have often, as You have Yourselves witnessed, made My sort of contact with Your children without any ill effect to their bodies.

79) Elohim Heavenly Mother:Indeed no. We have witnessed the contrary. Your influence has only been for the good in all that We have observed.

80) Holy Ghost:Let Me whisper what counsel You might have to whichever of Your children You might choose. Let Us observe conditions as a result of that personal interference. It may be that We can work together to fulfill the Everlasting Covenant and, at the same time, overcome some of the disorder it causes in the cosmos.

81) Elohim Heavenly Father:It is well. Our Firstborn Son is very near to finishing His work already. We will take You to where He is laboring. If such interference harms Him, less of His creative work might be affected.

82) Elohim Heavenly Mother:This is the World of Our Firstborn, who has progressed almost to the end of the mortal cycle. Everything in this creation will become part of Him. The very elements which We have loaned Him for a season obey His voice because He is in them, He having descended through them all. At each crucial point where evolutionary change has taken place, He has been there in the life of the entity making the change. In this way, the Creator becomes part of the Creation. It is the only way that the Natural Man may be subdued and the Spiritual Man, or Man of Holiness, arises out of corrupt matter and becomes master of it. In the final phase, the Firstborn will take on mortality one last time to overcome it. In the last of the Lives and the Deaths, He will become exalted with all of His Creation. Then shall all of this matter become His.

83) Holy Ghost:Now is My understanding made clear. This does fill Me with sadness. Nay, I repent of the experiment that I first proposed. You have shown Me a hard thing. To become like You, countless many lives end miserably without hope. In all the cosmos, I have never encountered an end so good require means so bad. Do You not see that this is the very beginning of misery? In this beginning is misery made immense. For, as it proceeds out into the deep, it gathers and gains until it returns again unto its own,
manifold greater. It is doubtful that what little help Our experiment might provide will prove any great difference in this constellation of pain.

84) Holy Ghost:You have shown Me much about You and Your kind. Now, come with Me. I will show You my people.

85) Narrator:Then Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother went with Holy Ghost to the place where the Holy Ghost People dwelt. There They found an innumerable host of Holy Ghost People.

86) Narrator:Now Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother observed that these were not corporeal beings. They had no flesh and bones, as Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother have, but were personages of spirit.Each of them had a recognizable form, but, though their presence could be discerned, their substance was not physically ponderable. They could only be seen by the spiritual eyes. Nevertheless, Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother could feel their proximity in every particle of their tangible bodies.

87) Narrator:They remained with the Holy Ghost People for a long, long time, for they were fascinating and complex beings. They discovered that each had the ability to enter into very close association with matter, even dwell within and around the ponderable matter of corporeal beings. Thus, their presence could be discerned by the very matter itself. In this way, Holy Ghost was able to be such a great influence in the progress and development of the children of Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother.
Nevertheless, they were unable to command matter and take on physicality themselves.

88) Narrator:Because of this close association, many of the Holy Ghost People grew to love Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother, and some began to desire to experience physicality.

89) Holy Ghost Elders:Elohim Heavenly Father, we would that You might take of matter and make a physical world wherein we might experience physicality.

90) Elohim Heavenly Father:I shall take of the matter of the Deep and make a world wherein you may dwell for a season. I shall put in this world all manner of life and command it to fulfill the measure of its creation. This is all part of the world which Elohim Heavenly Mother and I did create in the beginning. I give it unto you for your own experience. Yea, I shall cause the elements of this new world to allow the Holy Ghost People to enter into the bodies and dwell therein for a time.

This post will be continued…

ponder these things in your heart and mind , Do you enjoy the companionship of the Holy Ghost?…I say unto you yea, Beseech Him if these things are not true, In the sacred name of the creator Jesus Christ Amen…

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