The Book of Hagoth

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It is with great honor and sacredness that we begin our study of;

The Mentinah Archives. Volume One begins with;

The Book of Hagoth… and in Alma 63 of The book of Mormon…

Chapter 63 of The Book of Mormon

Shiblon and later Helaman take possession of the sacred records—Many Nephites travel to the land northward—Hagoth builds ships, which sail forth in the west sea—Moronihah defeats the Lamanites in battle. About 56–52 B.C.

1 And it came to pass in the commencement of the thirty and sixth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi, that Shiblon took possession of those sacred things which had been delivered unto Helaman by Alma.

2 And he was a just man, and he did walk uprightly before God; and he did observe to do good continually, to keep the commandments of the Lord his God; and also did his brother.

3 And it came to pass that Moroni died also. And thus ended the thirty and sixth year of the reign of the judges.

4 And it came to pass that in the thirty and seventh year of the reign of the judges, there was a large company of men, even to the amount of five thousand and four hundred men, with their wives and their children, departed out of the land of Zarahemla into the land which was northward.

5 And it came to pass that Hagoth, he being an exceedingly curious man, therefore he went forth and built him an exceedingly large ship, on the borders of the land Bountiful, by the land Desolation, and launched it forth into the west sea, by the narrow neck which led into the land northward.

6 And behold, there were many of the Nephites who did enter therein and did sail forth with much provisions, and also many women and children; and they took their course northward. And thus ended the thirty and seventh year.

7 And in the thirty and eighth year, this man built other ships. And the first ship did also return, and many more people did enter into it; and they also took much provisions, and set out again to the land northward.

8 And it came to pass that they were never heard of more. And we suppose that they were drowned in the depths of the sea. And it came to pass that one other ship also did sail forth; and whither she did go we know not.

9 And it came to pass that in this year there were many people who went forth into the land northward. And thus ended the thirty and eighth year.

10 And it came to pass in the thirty and ninth year of the reign of the judges, Shiblon died also, and Corianton had gone forth to the land northward in a ship, to carry forth provisions unto the people who had gone forth into that land.

11 Therefore it became expedient for Shiblon to confer those sacred things, before his death, upon the son of Helaman, who was called Helaman, being called after the name of his father.

12 Now behold, all those engravings which were in the possession of Helaman were written and sent forth among the children of men throughout all the land, save it were those parts which had been commanded by Alma should not go forth.

13 Nevertheless, these things were to be kept sacred, and handed down from one generation to another; therefore, in this year, they had been conferred upon Helaman, before the death of Shiblon.

14 And it came to pass also in this year that there were some dissenters who had gone forth unto the Lamanites; and they were stirred up again to anger against the Nephites.

15 And also in this same year they came down with a numerous army to war against the people of Moronihah, or against the army of Moronihah, in the which they were beaten and driven back again to their own lands, suffering great loss.

16 And thus ended the thirty and ninth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi.

17 And thus ended the account of Alma, and Helaman his son, and also Shiblon, who was his son.


The Mentinah Archives Volume One;

The Book of Hagoth

Hagoth built ships and departed from the Land Southward with his family and twelve Nephite and twelve Ammonite families.

They traveled north along the Pacific coastline to the mouth of the Colorado River, up the Colorado River to the area now known as Four Corners where they settled for a time.

They became known as the Nemenhah people.

They left the Four Corners area and established two new settlements – one on the plains area and the other further north in the mountains where they remained undefiled by the Gadiantonhem Robbers.

1) Behold, I am Hagoth, and I am waxed old.

I write this book so that my generations may be kept and so that the acts of my people may be recorded.

I am that same Hagoth, the son of Hagmeni who was the boon companion of Moroni and followed him in war and peace.

And it was my father who was a builder of walls and battlements who assisted Moroni in subduing the enemies of the Nephites and in securing our lands and our religion and our freedom.

The same was my father, and he descended from that Zoram who took the eldest of the daughters of Ishmael to wife; and also from Jacob the brother of Nephi, whose father took his journey into the wilderness from Jerusalem when Zedekiah was king; and also from that Simeon who was a Priest of the Temple, who took his journey with Mulek when the Benjamites retreated from ruined Jerusalem, and also from that Mulek himself, who was son of Zedekiah the King.

Wherefore behold, I am descended from Joseph, the same who was sold into Egypt, and from Aaron the brother of Moses, and also from Judah.

2) Behold, I have seen much war and much peace. In the years of my life I have seen much prosperity and much poverty.

I have governed my people when the Spirit strove with them and many received the Holy Ghost and prophesied, and I have governed when many people denied the faith.

Wherefore, it seemed meet to my people that I should make an account of all of our doings.

3) In the year that Moroni, that great captain of the Nephites died, behold, my father also died. For, he had received many wounds in the wars. But my father taught me in all manner of building and I became exceedingly accomplished in the building with wood.

4) Now, it was also in that year that many of the Nephites began to see that those families who had not sent men into the wars to protect their liberties were filled with pride. For they were very rich because of their trade in the wars.

Many could see the seeds of the downfall of our nation and they desired to go into the Land Northward. And there were others who saw that much of the country was wasted and yet the Lamanites persisted.

Therefore, many desired to move, as our father Nephi moved, away from the threat.

5) Wherefore, I built a ship, and it was after the pattern of the ship built by Nephi except that it was much larger.

Into this ship went up many of the Nephites and from Bountiful, by the Isthmus, they set sail into the West Sea. The Nephites sailed following the shore northward beyond the land Desolate and they went down out of the ship at the mouth of a great river.

The place where they went down out of the ship was exceedingly barren, however, and the people sent the ship and a few trusty men back to the land Bountiful for provisions.

6) Now, I Hagoth, being exceedingly concerned for our brethren and their families who had made the journey into the north by sea, I went to Shiblon to get the word of the Lord concerning them.

Now Shiblon was also concerned, for many had also taken their journey northward by land. And he went to the Lord and inquired of Him. And the Lord commanded that I should send provisions unto the Nephites in the Land Northward both by the West Sea and by the East Sea.

Yea, I did build a fleet of ships by which many of the Nephites and their families removed into the Land Northward and Shiblon commanded that copies be made of all the writings of our fathers and that they should be carried with those journeying into the Land Northward so that the people should not dwindle in unbelief.

7) Now, the people who sailed to the Land Northward by way of the East Sea found a land of dense forests and much water and they did establish themselves somewhat in that land and a record is kept, I am told, of their doings.

(note cj…The Great Lakes all the up into Canada)

The people who journeyed into the Land Northward by way of the West Sea passed near unto the Land of Desolation and for many days found a land barren and unforgiving. And when they ran low of provisions, they stayed their journey at the mouth of a great river and sent my ship back for provisions.

And I did send even more ships and more people into the Land Northward by that same route, for it seemed curious to me that so great a river should flow out of a barren country.

And even I, myself, took my family and certain of the Lamanites of the People of Ammon, who had covenanted with Moroni to take up the sword no more against us, even they went with me into the Land Northward.

8) And it came to pass that we kept the land in sight, lest we become lost in the sea and we came to a place where there was land on the right hand and land afar off on the left hand for many days, and we traveled between the shores until they came together at the mouth of the great river of which I had been told and of which I have spoken.

9) Now, the water of the river was muddied as if it had traveled down from out of a mountainous place and where it emptied into the sea, it sullied the clear blue waters there.

But there was an abundance of fish in this place, yea, even great marshal fish which provided much meat, and though the land was barren, some of our people desired to stay there because of the abundance of fish and other creatures of the sea that they could trade with our brethren in the Land Southward.

Yea,the more part of them desired to stay and build a city, and they did establish themselves at the mouth of the river.

(note cj… possibly, Sonora Mexico…The Yaqui Indians…Who still speak the Mayan Language…from Yucatan Mexico…Which was possibly Zerahemla, spoken of in The Book of Mormon…as the land southward…)

10) But I desired not to live in a barren land, for I was a builder in wood and behold, in the place where the river emptied into the great bay, there was no wood.

Therefore, I was desirous to know of the land from whence the river flowed, for the waters contained much earth and it seemed reasonable to me that the land from whence the waters flowed must be exceedingly rich, to nourish a river so.

Therefore, I took those families that would follow me and we fashioned smaller boats after the fashion of the Lamanites, which were propelled by oars; for our large ships used the wind to propel them and they were as great birds of the sea, pushed along upon the winds;

and we took much provisions and we took our journey upon the river to see where it would lead us.

11) Therefore, I and twelve other of my brethren from among the Nephites and twelve of our brethren the Lamanites, took our families and our provisions and we made our expedition into the Land Northward.

Behold we traveled a long way and the land was for many days barren and we found few streams that emptied into the river.

Wherefore, it continued strange to us that so great a river should pass through such a dry land. Then we came to a place where the river had carved great canyons and precipices, even so much that the walls thereof surpassed by many times the height of the temples of the Nephites.

Yea, so exceedingly tall were they in some places that even our strongest men could not climb to the tops thereof.

12) Now, the journey through this part of the land became exceedingly strait, for we had thought to find a rich land with game and provision. But we could not ascertain the nature of the land because of the exceedingly steepness and the height of the precipice. Here and there we found places to land but they were sparing and we found no game and little provision.

Yea, and the water was plentiful but, being muddy, it was of questionable worth to drink.

Yea, our suffering was great, for we were unprepared and hasty.

And it came to pass that our suffering became so great because of the heat that some of our people drank heavily of the water of the river and became exceedingly ill with fevers and with flux.

For, the water was only sound for cooking and was unsafe to drink.

Wherefore, when the women and children, when the food was gone and the water being at hand, did put forth their hands from the boats and drank of it freely from the river, then verily did they begin to suffer exceedingly, for the water was heavy and unfit to drink.

13) Verily, when our suffering was the most acute, we put our boats in upon a small island of yellow sand and we turned them so that we could use them as a shelter from the sun, for the heat was great upon the river, and we cried unto the Lord and prepared ourselves for the inevitable end that we each knew was about to come upon us.

Yea, so great was our suffering that we were all ready to give up the ghost, almost believing that there was no deliverance for us.

14) And it came to pass that one of the young men had given all his water and provision along the way to his companions.

Therefore, the suffering for him was even more acute than for us, so much so that his mind was overcome and he went down to the water and opened the vein and laid himself in the water so that it would bleed out, whereby he might quickly free himself of so great a suffering.

15) And verily, I heard a commotion from where I was, and I went down to the water to see, and behold, a great fish had taken hold of the young man by the arm and stopped the bleeding thereof.

Now the fish was exceedingly large.

Yea, the length of it even exceeded the length of one of our boats and the girth of it was equal to the breadth of one of our boats.

Surely, the fish was so great that it could have taken the young man whole into its mouth. Nevertheless it took only the arm, and thrashed not.

Wherefore, I took my sword and killed the fish and the young man was saved.

But we were also all saved by this providence, for behold, in the fish was much meat and when we opened the entrails of the fish we found a great store of green stuff the which was very useful for food and for medicine.

Therefore, after preparing the meat and the contents of the fish, we began to recover from our suffering and we gave thanks to the Lord, lifting up our voices to Him for the miracle

He had provided for us in the saving of our lives.

Wherefore, did we learn a great lesson because even in our despair, or because of our despair, we did not forget our Lord nor deny Him even to the ending of our lives.

Wherefore, He did open the heavens and saved our lives notwithstanding our despair was deep and our suffering was beyond our ability to bear.

16) When we had prepared all of the fish and distributed it evenly among our people, each receiving their portion; for we esteemed each other equally and in order that pride and division not grow up among us, we had all things in common;

we resumed our journey up the river. And the river was great and very powerful in places. Nevertheless, with great effort we made our way.

17) And after the space of many days we left the great canyons and precipices and came into a land rich in every way.

Yea, there were trees of all kinds near the sides of the rivers and plants for food and medicine in abundance. There were many smaller rivers and streams that emptied into the great river and each ruled its own valley into which other streams flowed.

Behold, we had discovered a land of many rivers and mountains, a rich land, and our hearts were exceedingly glad.

18) Behold, with us traveled two healers, who were gifted in their profession, and they discovered a curious thing.

Yea, the one was called Cumenihah and the other Hementah, his brother, and they were accomplished in the finding out of the uses of plants.

And they were Lamanites who had readily covenanted with Moroni to go no more to war against the Nephites.

Therefore, they desired to leave the lands of their fathers and bind themselves to us, their new brethren, and travel with us to a new land.

19) Now, in the land of our fathers there are many plants that are very good for food and there are many that are good for medicine.

Behold, good food is usually good medicine, for, for this cause is it given unto man, to nourish the body and enliven the soul. But behold, those plants that are more specifically used for medicine are not used as food, for they are extremely powerful.

Verily, they must be used with prudence and extreme caution. But these men found plants thatare both good for food and for medicine, so that simply to eat our provision is at once nourishment and a ward against sickness.

Therefore did the people confirm them as healers and teachers and they taught us all their profession.

20) And it was ninety and three days from the time we left our brethren at the mouth of the great river and that was in the thirty and eighth year of the reign of the judges over the Nephites.

Yea, we traveled up the great river ninety and three days and we came to a place where the river became wide and there were great fields of grass on both sides of the river

In this place the river made a great turning, whereas it had run somewhat into the east parts, it now turned again northward. At this great bending in the river we disembarked and built our settlement.

And I, Hagoth, sent four of our young men back down the river to give our brethren word of our success and instructions for safely traveling through the canyons.

(note cj: The Grand Canyon, Four Corners area of The USA)

For there was also much wood in the mountains and we were desirous to set up trade by shipping with those who settled at the mouth of the river, for there the land was barren and they had no wood.

21) Now, the river was heavy with red earth, and the walls of the canyons through which we had traveled were red, wherefore, we called the river Akish, which being interpreted means “red earth”. And the city which the Nephites built was called Akish-hah, after the name of the river.

The city which we built the people called Hagohah after the manner of the Nephites,but to most it has been known as the city of Hagoth.

This my people did to honor me, for I built the ships and the boats upon which we traveled to the Land Northward.

22) And in not many years, we built many cities and set up much trade with the Nephites in the Land Southward. For each time that our ships and our boats went south with goods, they returned with goods and also much people.

For the peace of the Land Southward was a variable thing and many came north into this land to escape strife. And we built many cities and the people were alike fruitful and industrious.

And we enjoyed continual peace in the land, for we had no enemies and we were all alike in each others’ eyes.

23) Thus we did prosper in the Land Northward and as often as Shiblon sent word to us by any emissary, we did receive him with all honor and dignity.

Likewise, when Helaman sent teachers to us to regulate our Churches, we did meekly receive them and they did ordain teachers and ministers unto us of our own brethren, and we enjoyed the blessings of the Church also.

24) Notwithstanding our peace, we did often hear of unrest and strivings among the Nephites, and this because of their great pride and because of the secret combinations that were common among the more prideful and puffed up among them.

For they took great store in their riches and greatly afflicted the meek and the humble among them.

But our teachers, yea, and all the people together, strove diligently against this vice, and our system whereby we governed ourselves was of such a kind as to defeat those who attempted to rise up in stature and to subdue and enslave the poor.

25) But verily, it might not have.

For not long after we laid the foundation of the city of Hagoth, the people cried with one voice to make me their king, but I would not.

Yea, the people wanted governance and a king, but I declared unto them my thoughts and beliefs.

For I remembered the words of King Mosiah, that if it were possible that all men were righteous then it would follow that kings would always rule their people in righteousness.

But Mosiah taught rightly that the people should choose judges, and in this shall the rights of the people always be protected.

Now, we have seen how even those chosen by the people to be judges might become unjust if the people fall into wickedness.

Wherefore, we chose and designated our wives as those who would elect the judges and that no action would be decided by one judge but by a council of judges.

In this way, if the judges become unjust, it is only because the whole people have fallen into wickedness.

For, our wives have always been more meek and more naturally prone to righteousness than our men.

26) Verily, men have need of physical strength and will often become puffed up in that strength and use it to rule over others.

But the mother’s strength is in her children.

Wherefore do they the more often choose according to that which is better for the little ones.

This is wisdom, and because of this, we have seen less strife than the Nephites in the Land Southward.

27) Now it came to pass that in the sixty and eighth year of the reign of the judges over the Nephites, many righteous Lamanites removed to the Land Northward and they carried news with them of the exceedingly wickedness of the Nephites in the Land Southward and of their lying and cheating, of their trampling of the commandments, their murdering of the Lord’s anointed, and their abominations and priestcrafts.

This thing greatly grieved my people. Therefore, because our people was made up of Nephites and Lamanites equally, we were desirous to refer to ourselves in a manner which would not bring division among our people.

For, in all things we wished to avoid the errors made by the Nephites in the Land Southward.

28) Wherefore, Hementah, the now-aged healer, suggested that we call ourselves Nemenhah, which in the language of his people means, “The People”,

And the people agreed….

Wherefore, we had no more Nephites, neither Lamanites, nor Mulekites, Ammonites, or any manner of “Ites.”

We called ourselves Nemenhah,

The People, from that time forth, for we were one people, not many.

29) And we became an exceedingly numerous people and an exceedingly happy people.

And the Nephites became a wicked and loathsome people in the Land Southward, yet the Lamanites in the Land Southward became more righteous.

And we, being not willing that the secret combinations come among our people, began to trade only with the Lamanites in the south.

Nevertheless, because migrant Nephites had established themselves in other parts of the Land Northward, these secrets were also published among us because of our trade with them. But we strove diligently to root out this evil among us.

And Nephi, even the son of Helaman, came often among us and showed us how the Lamanites had wiped out from among them the Gadiantonhem by preaching the gospel among them.

Therefore, he did ordain teachers from among us and taught them. Verily, these did hunt out the beginnings of robbers and combinations among us and, at great peril to themselves and their families, they preached unto them the gospel and converted many.

And in this way we did maintain peace and prosperity even though it seemed that bloodshed and war reigned all around us.

30) Now among those who were called to teach these robbers were two of my sons, Hagmeni and Ameliki.

Yea, my two eldest sons became teachers unto the rebellious among our people. And Nephi did lay hands on them and did prophecy over them, and these are the words he did prophecy over them when he laid hands on them to confer on them the authority to minister in the Lord’s name and in His place, and to ordain them to be teachers:

31) Behold, Hagmeni, son of Hagoth!

I, having authority of Jesus Christ, lay my hands upon your head, in accordance with the ordinance of the priesthood, and I confer upon you the priesthood of the Most High God, even after the order of the Son of God, the which has been transmitted to us from father to son even down to Alma, who received it from God.

And I ordain you unto this office in that order.

Therefore, you shall teach, preach, expound and exhort all men to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and observe to keep the commandments of God.

And in His name, if you do this, being guided by the Holy Ghost, you shall speak as if with the voice of the Lord, for His power shall be with you.

And relying not on the arm of the flesh but on the Lord in all things, you shall be protected in your labors.

Behold, your wife and your children shall also be blessed and prospered, and they shall suffer no hardships because of your calling, but the Lord will be with them always.

32) Behold, Ameliki, son of Hagoth!

By the authority given me of Jesus Christ and in His name, I lay my hands on your head, in accordance with the administration of my calling in the priesthood which I have received by like manner, to confer upon you the Priesthood of the Most High God after the Order of the Son of God.

Wherefore, you are ordained unto a high calling, to seek out and teach those who have rebelled against the Lord.

To them shall you cry repentance and teach them the true ordinances of God, and if you do this, you shall have the voice and power of the Lord.

Yea, and you shall be protected and your family shall be prospered because of your work.

Go now, therefore, among the more wicked part of the dissenters and speak as the Spirit directs.

33) And many more were ordained under the hand of Nephi and he spoke as if with the voice of God and prophesied.

And Nephi was a righteous man and strong in the gifts of God.

Wherefore, all the teachers went and fulfilled the words of Nephi and converted the more wicked parts of those robbers who were among us.

Then it became very difficult for the rebels to maintain their combinations in our land and they left and went into the east and south borders and began to build their combinations among our neighbors.

34) Yea, the words of Nephi were all fulfilled every whit.

Our teachers were protected by the power of the Spirit and none could prevail against them. And none of their wives or families suffered any harm from those robbers in the land.

Yea, the teachers went out with such confidence in the Lord that our land was completely rid of the Gadiantonhems because of the word of God.

35) Now when all this was accomplished, Nephi set Hagmeni apart as a High Priest unto our people.

Then Nephi prepared to return into the Land Southward to preach the word of God to the Nephites. And we tried to prevail upon him to stay with us.

For behold, the robbers had taken control of the government there. But he could not be convinced and departed into the Land Southward.

And it was in the sixty and ninth year of the reign of the judges over the Nephites that Nephi departed from us to declare repentanceunto the Nephites in Zarahemlah.

36) Behold, because of the diligence of Hagmeni and the regulation he made of the Church, we had continual peace in our land for many years.

But behold, in all the lands our neighbors in the east and in the south, the Gadiantonhem gained control of the governance and we began to worry exceedingly.

Wherefore, in the seventy and fifth year of the reign of the judges, or as we began to reckon, in the sixth year, our people decided to move ourselves into the fast places in the mountains.

For we feared exceedingly the strength of the robbers that surrounded us.

37) Wherefore, we divided our people into two groups, the one led by me and the other by Hementah who was a great leader and a healer.

And I took those who would follow me and we took our journey into the north and west and Hementah took those who would follow him and they followed the river Akish afar into the north.

And, behold the Nemenhah who followed Hementah were an exceedingly great body of people and they found herds of cattle on vast plains of grass and these herds provided great provision for so large a body of people and we had much trade with them.

38) But behold, the Nemenhah who followed me were not as numerous, for we were builders and loved the mountains.

Yea, we liked not continually to move but preferred to establish ourselves in one place. Wherefore, we found a valley that abounded in game and had much water and timber, and we built us a city there.

And it was amidst the mountains west and north of the river Akish and between our mountain fastness and the fair land which we had left was a wasteland of exceedingly barrenness.

Now this was wisdom in us, for the bands of robbers did nothing but for gain and to traverse the barrens would have been too costly for them.

Therefore, we did use them as a natural frontier and a bulwark against them.

39) And the valley in which we established ourselves we called Menintah, for there was much salt in the southern part of the valley.  (The Great Salt Lake)

And the land of Menintah was indeed a fastness for the Nemenhah, for it could only be approached from the south by way of a narrow canyon, and from the west by a narrow canyon, and from the north through an exceedingly narrow defile. Wherefore, we established ourselves in a place that was easily defended and we built a beautiful city.

(Now known as Manti,  Sanpete County, Utah)

40) Now the Gadiantonhem ceased to take notice of us for we traded not into the south but maintained commerce only to the north with our brethren.

For we opened and maintained roads and trails into the Land Northward following the mountains that extended exceedingly far into the north.

Wherefore, we had good trade routes to the north that led out onto the plains and we maintained good concourse with our brethren in the north.

But we closed all roads to the Land Southward, for we desired no contact with the Gadiantonhem.

41) Behold, as I said, I am Hagoth and I am waxed old.

I have both ruled the Nemenhah and been ruled by them since I left the Land Southward when Shiblon was Chief Judge of the Nephites.

And, behold, we have done good to all people and the Lord has blessed us exceedingly.

Where the Nephites have fallen into wickedness, we have escaped and avoided rebellion.

42) All this I attribute to the wisdom of Shiblon, for had he not provided copies of the plates of scriptures for us when we removed unto this land, we would have fallen into unbelief And I also attribute our great success to the ministrations of Nephi unto the Nemenhah, for he taught us to rely on the word of the Lord.

Blessed be the Lord our God, for He has provided a refuge and a sanctuary for us.

43) And now behold, I am grown old and halt, and I must soon give up the ghost.

Therefore, I yield up these plates to my son, Hagmeni, who has become a man of great stature, both in the spirit and in wisdom.


*The People of the Spirit…The Lord’s People…

*People of the Altar…

*God’s People…*People of Truth…*The People…* 

The True People

Seeing the problems created by class syndrome among the Nephites, those who followed Hagoth into the land Northward did not desire the same.

Hementah, one of the twin healers suggested calling the people Nemenhah (Ne-men-hah), meaning the people.

Those who followed Hagoth took on this name and it became the name of their nation.

This name eliminated all the “ites”.

Among the Nemenhah are Nephites, Lamanites/Ammonites and other peoples who joined together from other nations like the mounds people and those who came with Night Voice Woman.

Their type of government, temporal and spiritual, can be found in Ougou 6-13.
See: “Nemenhah Government (Spiritual)”, “Nemenhah Government (Temporal)”
Reference: see “Nemenhah of: Corianton, Hagohah, the Mountains and the Plains”, Hagoth 28, Sahnempet 35, 1 Shi-Muel 5:5-7, Manti 11:13, Aku Hawaohtim 1:16 (See Book of Mormon: 1 Nephi 13:30)

Council of Mothers/Mothers’ Council/Mothers of the Community

The Ammonites had a Mothers’ Council. Half of the families that originally came up to the Land Northward with Hagoth {Sr.} were Ammonites.

The People of Hagoth were concerned about what they saw with the government of the Nephites.

They saw how easily the Gadiantonhem took over the Nephites by first corrupting a lower judge and then it was just a matter of time and they had the whole line of judges;

thus, having control over the whole government. Hagoth’s people were also concerned about maintaining peace.

Shi-Tugohah (one of the Lamanite chief captains who made the oath with captain Moroni to not fight against the Nephites anymore and who was also a councilor to Hagoth) suggested the communities of this new nation should have a Mothers’ Council.

That council would be responsible for electing the members of the Community Council (the Council of

Judges). For, instead of having upper and lower judges as the Nephites had, there would be a council of judges. In this way, the Gadiantonhem would have to corrupt a whole council of judges to be able to take over the government.

They did not want the Gadiantonhem to take over their government and this new form of government they saw would make such a takeover very difficult.

ShiTugohah also argued the reason the Mothers’ Council should be the only ones who voted for the Community Council was because men are quicker to go to war, that there would be a better chance for peace if the women choose the leaders of the community, for the women had the most to lose in the case of war (their husbands, fathers and sons).

The people of Hagoth {Sr.} agreed with the wisdom of Shi-Tugohah.

As foreseen, this change in government did make it next to impossible for the Gadiantonhem to take over the Nemenhah government and it also made it possible for the people to build a Zion type society which they maintained for many hundreds of years.

It was most likely primarily because of this change in government that none of the Nemenhah were killed at the crucifixion of our Savior, whereas, down in the Land Southward many cities were destroyed and lives lost.

Mothers’ Councils have many duties besides choosing the members of the community council, which duties are determined by the communities in which those councils exists. We find these other duties even today.

For example, it was under the direction of the Hereditary Medicine Chief and the Council of Mothers of the Numi’Pu Tsu’Peli Chopunish (now known as the Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization) that the first of the English translations of the Mentinah Archives were released.

I personally view the Mothers’ Council as the heart of the community.

The condition of the heart affects the condition of the whole body.

Even when there is injury, that injury cannot be healed without the oxygen and nutrients pumped to it.

I could be wrong, but I believe a Nemenhah communities strength is in her mothers.

I believe it is a big mistake when a community thinks lightly of the importance of the Mothers’ Council.

And for those who wish to build Zion in the future.

I believe it is important we do not enslave each other by adopting the philosophies the Gadiantonhem believed and practiced.

I believe Zion cannot be built upon principles of slavery and it seems to me the Nemenhah of Old recognized that truth as well and that is why they did things such as established themselves where the Mother’s Council was the ones responsible for choosing the Community Council.

Again, I could be wrong, but I believe it was a big mistake when we underestimate the importance of the Mothers especially those who desire to be Christ like.

I know the Nemenhah today have tried to establish themselves similar to the Nemenhah of Old and I suspect there will be other groups who will do the same because the Nemenhah of Old did have a very good track record.

Of course, if people choose to not uphold correct principles their organizations will collapse just as the Nemenhah did when they did the same.

For even the best organizations will not hold up if the people choose to not follow the ways of God.

How to Recieve More Good…

I hope you will pray with a humble heart, and ask The Father in the name of Jesus Christ if these things are true ,so that they may be confirmed by the Power of The Holy Ghost in you,

If you have been led to this website it is because of Heavenly Father’s desire that you receive the greater things spoken of in the Book of Mormon…

There are more records to come forth in these last Days ,,,Before the coming of our Lord in His Glory! Amen…cj


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