Chief Wellamotkin’s Words of Wisdom

Greetings all my relations,

What a Great Day on Thanksgiving,  to celebrate “The Thanks Giving Way “as taught by Jehovah to our First Parents Adam and Eve..

Every month my family and I recieve the newsletter containing the inspired Words of Wisdom given to us by The Elected Principal Medicine Chief of The Nemenhah People, Chief Wellamotkin after reading August’s newsletter about sharing our own experiences with Wyaykihn our family in Mexico would like to share and show our support and love.

Clip from August Newsletter: Wellamotkin’s Words of Wisdom

We Nemenhah esteem ourselves no greater (or lesser) than any living thing, not even
the heated stones from the first day of creation that warm our Itsipi, or the wooden
limbs with which we build our sacred lodges and fashion the stems of our sacred
pipes; not greater, even, than the blood of our kin from distant faiths and
ethnicities (including the obnoxious fellow from Sunday morning). We are Nemenhah
and we are All Relations. All peoples are welcomed into the Tuhhuhl Nuhmihn (High
Place) that we build upon the hill, in our councils and within our hearts. The
universe is vast and the cosmos is fat with Wyaykihn to receive and to give.

Dear Nemenhah, as we prepare for the coming Autumn and this next Great Council,
please delve deeply into your hearts and experiences for those pieces of excellence,
not criticism, that might be shared, without thought of return, for the sake of
someone else’s well being and personal Emergence. As you graciously seek and receive
Wyaykihn from the heavens and the earth, from our ancestors and the divine powers
that guide us toward enlightenment and Emergence, consider also what Wyaykihn you
might offer each and every day.

We are happy to report our progress to our family on Facebook and the Nemenhah People. Here in Mexico we have been living the Four Pillars of Tuhhuhl Nuhmihn within our family and our ceremonies and medicine wheels, our small group in Mexico is growing in light knowledge and would like to share.. Through Prayer, The Sacred Records of The Nemenhah, Scriptures, Holy Books and guidance from our ancestors upon The Way, we are really growing and are beginning the construction of our sacred place of Emergence, in our garage.. Since we are not capable yet of constructing itsipi tabernacles, sweat lodges lodges for puraification like the Ancient Ammonites and Modern Nemenhah..

We are using fasting and prayer, baptism by immersion and baptism for health baptism for emergence and spiritual growth.. recieving our new names washings and anointings and many other priesthood functions for The High Place..

I recieved this wayakihn from the Spirit

Behold, my dear loved ones. I Cindy “Paniths Palojami” Lopez, the daughter of Arthur Melvin Petee (deceased) and Joell Olsen, also called Nadine on her birth certificate she was born in this sacred place called San Pete Utah where the Archives of The Ancient Ones lay in the dust, crying out to us, those who can hear Their sacred voices.

And to all who read this message, please feel free to use the ancient pattern of receiving a conformation, asking Heavenly Father to know, conformation of the truth by His Spirit and The Holy Ghost confirms it in your hearts and minds, the truth of all things, the record of heaven that is placed in you at your baptism and conformation.

Nonetheless,this is a sacred and special message from The Petee Family in Baja California, Playas de Rosarito, Mexico, November 21 2016 in celebration and joy, on a mission called by the Lord in the pattern of Aaron, washed and anointed called out, by His voice. when the Master speaks his servants (those endowed with the priesthood) they listen and sweetly obey.

We were first contacted by our Ancestors and Heavenly beings November 21st 2012 and have many things recorded in books including our genealogy that goes back to Adam and Eve.

And, The Thanks Giving Lodge we are constructing is a Pattern that was given to us from Enoch, April 28th 2015 and His People in preparation for Their return preceding the Second Coming of The Lord in The Valley of Adam ondi Ahman.

Nevertheless, that’s the first covenant you recieve with the sign and token of the priesthood, and that you understand that the meaning, of The Law of Obedience The First Pillar of The High Place or Tuhhul Nemahn Temple  The Endowment of Following in our First Parents Footsteps.

And, we the Petee’s are being taught the gospel from on high, just like the Jaradites.

The Ancient Ones, are returning to the earth and the Translated Beings, Heavenly Beings Angels, Messangers of the Lord, just men and women made perfect in Christ, The Church of The Firstborn, your ancestors kindred dead. To receive further light and knowledge so that you can emerge out of the Telestial and into the Terrestrial world and onto The Way. to be instructed by them.

Therefore the purpose of our mission is to help restore the pattern of progress and emergence taught by The Savior in Sacred Temples.. through purafication The four P’s Pattern-Priesthood-Purification-Progress

Therefore, the Thanks Giving Lodge is a Pattern that was given to us from Enoch, April 28th 2015 and His People in preparation for Their return preceding the Second Coming of the Lord. We have all been healed and are helping to heal those around us . Using herbs and natural medicine.. Our greatest success is in the Ketogenic Diet. We have used this diet for 2 years.. to reverse diabetes and many other diseases .

Nevertheless we began construction to be able to use this ancient pattern given to us by our ancient ancestors upon The Way.

And this morning while speaking to my grandfathers in celebration of this historic event, they showed me in the vision an ancient dancing around the fire, Cloudpiler and The People of God are restoring it to the earth in these modern times. I could see them on The Way, this morning in prayer and meditation at the holy altar aka The Medicine Wheel of Life..

Some Begin with The Knee Dance

The Dance is to show humility to Elohim Heavenly Father and Elohim Heavenly Mother and the other Gods Jehovah the Firstborn and The Holy Ghost and His People in The New and Everlasting Covenant ..

More to come.. With Love and Peace, bless you all dear family and all our relations.. The Petee’s

Our medicine wheels are connected we can see you on The Way

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!





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