Part 6 The Book of Shi Honayah Akektim; The Son of Mor Honayah (Moroni) Tucantor’s religion

Greetings all My Relations

It is such an honor to meet with you here to study and learn from The Sacred Records of The Nemenhah Ancestors..

Our Ancient Hero and Legend, is Mor Honayah’s (Moroni’s) son

Shi Honayah Akektim he records as follows..

What is Tucantor’s religion?

Now, Tucantor’s religion did not spread quickly from its beginning in Mentinah.

And this is in part because of the removal of the more part of the people out of the valley of Menintah.

And also in part because the people of the Land Northward:

Have ever been concerned with that manner of living:

Whereby the individual may come out of Babylon

And see the face of Christ.

Tucantor did continue to teach the people that they could not do this

But by the power of his priesthood,

And this did deter many from any interest in the system.


As we begin to apply those principles taught by our Ancient Ancestors

And The Nemenhah of Today.. We can learn the lessons of the past.. and restore the correct principles as taught to us by the past and the present.

To bring again Zion upon To The Americas again.. as prophecied..

We are all so different yet we can come together as One.. True Peace and Prosperity..

Chief Wellamotkin teaches us a story and helps us to begin to understand some of the principles we need to learn to apply..

As we learn the ways and customs of the Modern Nemenhah today..

And The Words of Wellamotkin Today:

Listen To Our Modern Day Chief Speak

Words of Wellamotkin

Good morning minister and practitioners of the Sahaptan Healing Way!

There is so much we can learn from our animal Relations, and I especially like this poem. Orb Weavers rebuild their webs every night, often using the very same anchor threads from the night before. No matter the cost, the strife, the conflict, the resources spent in the process, this eight-legged Relation of ours shows just one of many paths to enlightenment.

Night-Spider’s Advice
“Build a frame
and stick to it, I always say.
Life’s a circle.
Just keep going around.
Do your work, then
sit back and see
what falls in your lap.
Eat your triumphs,
eat your mistakes:
that way your belly will always be full.
Use what you have.
Rest when you need to.
Dawn will come soon enough.
Someone has to remake
the world each night.
It might as well be you.”
Dark Emperor – J. Sidman, 2010

By systematically raising the instruments of ethics, peace, and Wyaykihn, and subjecting those instruments to the ritualistic scrutiny of introspection and study, tearing down pre-conceived notions and bias, and then rebuilding the web that forms the foundation of our beliefs, we do something similar to our little arachnid Brother.

When the day comes in our personal lives that the sturdy, well fashioned and perfect matrix of our spiritual devotion is torn down by hurt, sorrow, anger, stress, logic, fear, and- most especially- depression, we will have the core memory (and ability) to begin building again.

Sometimes even when the world itself seems to be unravelling before our eyes. Slowly, with determination concealed by the night’s lonely shroud, we will scurry invisibly within the shadows until the sun rises upon the rainbow-gilt brilliance of a miraculous work.

If, at times, it feels that one’s destiny is to continuously look into the deepest shadows of pain, loss, and fear, never truly surfacing enough to free oneself from the next plunge, think of this little Elder (and take heart), whose very creation demands the nightly destruction of one of the costliest and most spectacular feats known in the animal kingdom.

So much beauty lost every night! Such sacrifice! Such resilience!

Oh Wyaykihn, Solihtstaynah! May we learn to Look Within and see the good, pure, intelligent, mighty, powerful, spiritual beings that we are!

May we also see what might be improved, strengthened, restored, and then seek the guidance and courage to make changes for the better!

Like our eight-legged cousin, may we learn to build in the shadows and rest in the light, ready to rebuild when darkness falls again!

As we say in Itsipi: All My Relations!

Thank you for being here today…IT IS GOOD FOR US TO BE HERE!


Now lets continue reading, studying, asking Heavenly Father to send us His Spirit .. The Holy Ghost to confirm these things in us if they are true..It’s up to us to get a conformation.. and Seek His Guidance, to understand the records of our ancient ancestors.

Vol 5; The Book of Shi Honayah Akektim; The Son of Mor Honayah (Moroni)

Chapter Six

1) Now, Tucantor’s religion did not spread quickly from its beginning in Mentinah. And this is in part because of the removal of the more part of the people out of the valley of Menintah, and also in part because the people of the Land Northward have ever been concerned with that manner of living whereby the individual may come out of Babylon and see the face of Christ.

Tucantor did continue to teach the people that they could not do this but by the power of his priesthood and this did deter many from any interest in the system.

2) But the doctrine did find interest in the cities down by the gulf of the sea in the south. In those places where there was still some remnant of the people who were left in the land after the great Nephite war with the Lamanites, many people saw in it a way to bring their neighbor into subjection and the doctrine grew in the south.

3) And before many years had passed, the city of Hagoth was overtaken by the Tucantorhah.

And Tucantor, himself, did remove to the city of Hagoth and he did rule that city as he had Mentinah.

But behold, not all the people could be controlled by this new doctrine and there was strife between those that believed the new thing and those that believed it not.

4) And Tucantor sent armed men out to battle against those that believed not and his enemies prevailed for a season.

They did beat the Tucantorhah in battle and took captive their priests and even their high priest himself. But they did not wish the destruction of the newcomers.

For Hagoth had stood nearly empty for some time and the people who had gone back into that country to inhabit the old cities there desired that their population might grow somewhat.

5) Wherefore, they did make a treaty with the Tucantorhah that they might live together peacefully. And in this treaty they arranged that the Tucantorhah might occupy the sacred places and have the ordering of them for half the year and in the other half of the year the ordering of the sacred places and of the surplus, was left to the original inhabitants.

And upon this peace they did all agree, and the priests were released.

6) But Tucantor was old and did not return to rule over his people. For he was taken roughly from his bed when his opponents overcame his armies and he was carried off into a secret place in the wilderness.

And this was done in order that the Tucantorhah could be held to their covenant. But behold, Tucantor died of a sudden in the secret place and his people did mourn his death.

7) And in the city of Hagoth, and in the settlements round about, they have two religions and two councils and two bodies of priesthood in every place.

And they build up their high places and they have all things in a duality.

And it is a wonder that such a system holds together at all. But they do prosper after their own fashion and who are we to judge them.

Behold, if they have found a way to live peaceably then they have done a good thing.

8) It was in this way that the doctrine of Tucantor was preserved in the land, and his followers also.

For, they could not have prevailed long in Mentinah. It is true, they had the run of the valley. But they could not sustain anything more than a camp there without the help of its neighbors.

Wherefore, Tucantor built up a city and a doctrine and it carried on in his name in the city of Hagoth.

9) And by treaty with their neighbors, and a kind of common consent, the Tucantorhah continued in the land and built up their population.

For, without the help and cooperation of a goodly number of people, the priests could not have lived as they wished and held up the standard which Tucantor had given them.

Without someone to do their work for them and to provide for them, they could not have survived for long without modifying their purpose. This they did achieve by agreement with the people of Hagoth.

10) But they did not enjoy any season of peace. For, the people who had taken to living in the old cities of Hagoth were remnants of that Great War that ravished the whole land in the time of my father.

Yea, they were Lamanites and Gadiantonhem who had not returned unto the Land Southward.

And although they had lost the lust for constant bloodshed, yet were they a jealous and deceitful people. And one settlement made war on another and each city held its own law.

And they had the constant necessity of defending themselves and their provender from their neighbors.

11) And the people were quarrelsome and dangerous. Yea, and they were difficult to control. But, because the Tucantorhah had adopted the need to control their fellow man, this became to them their motivation.

They worked to control the hearts of all the people of that region and this did constrain them from much preaching in other places. And their doctrine remained in but one place.

12) But behold, because they had left the valley of Menintah, some of the Nemenhah did return again and begin to build up the settlements again and to have the keeping and the care of the archives there.

And Mentinah was once again numbered among the Nemenhah because of the removal of the Tucantorhah.

13) And the Nemenhah did rejoice that the place of their father’s choosing was once again held by the pure in heart.

But, I must tell you, Mentinah was never again a principal city of the Nemenhah of the mountains and the records were copied and carried away into the north countries, notwithstanding the libraries did remain ever hidden in their safe places in Menintah.

to be continued cj

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