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These Three Never Taste Death-They Are Still Alive AND Preforming Their Work For The Lord-Until He Comes In His Glory!

Who is the One Mighty and Strong?

John the Beloved of Christ-A Translated Being-He ate the little Book which is a future mission to gather Israel, and set in order the church. Translated beings hold all the Keys of the priesthood The Three Nephites Translated beings under … Continue reading

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Three Nephites-Words From Nephi

 New Discovery! Ancient Genealogical Records of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalena, Brought to American Indian Archives of the Nemenhah abt.600AD. – By Two of The Three Nephites named Nephi and Mathoniah (Lehi), They are Translated Beings… Volume 6 The Mentinah … Continue reading

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Three Nephites – Timothy

Greetings Brothers and sisters’ As we are today receiving more knowledge from Timothy one of The Three Nephites. You have to remember that Timothy is about 2’000 years old…and He can appear to you Today…He will not taste of death … Continue reading

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The Three Nephites-Translated Beings

The Three Nephites-Translated Beings Members of this Telestial World, Terrestrial Worlds-and Celestial Worlds of “The Church of The Firstborn” Worlds without end… More Discoveries about them in the ancient records of The Nemenhah… Who are the Nememhah? Who are the … Continue reading

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