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Enoch looked upon the earth; he heard a voice from the bowels thereof, saying: Wo, wo is me, the mother of men… (Mother Earth)

Greetings all my relations, It is a great honor to meet with all my brothers and sisters of all Nations and of the four corners of the earth… Peace be unto you…with Love… Let’s Gather Together and have a sacred … Continue reading

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North American Indian Prophecies Fulfilled

Good Morning brother and sisters, Today I would like to present to you all an wonderful article about Native American Indian prophecies that have been fulfilled, and are being fulfilled… Native American Prophecies Fulfilled “North American Indian Prophecies”– excerpts from … Continue reading

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Blue Otter Anderson

Listen to Blue Otter at Prophecy Keepers radio Joseph Smith’s Search For The Lost Cherokee Ark and the Choice Seer: The Indian Prophet By William Scott “Tsiya Sagonigei” (Blue Otter) Anderson A Descendant of the Wolf Clan “AniYuntikwalasgi” or People … Continue reading

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The Angel Moroni and The Dream Mine

Greetings All, In 1894, John Hyrum Koyle began digging the Dream Mine, on a mountaintop in central Utah. Koyle, a Mormon bishop, had been shown where to dig, he said, by Moroni, the same heavenly messenger who had led Mormon … Continue reading

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Peace to All who have Zion in their hearts, Zion/Wahakunheno “This makes all things that man might seek to accomplish with the strength of his might and the sweat of his face, holy unto the Lord. Then, by using their … Continue reading

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Indian Legend

Indian Legend by Richard Hensley It is known by stories from the old ones and legends from many different tribes that once there were mighty nations or civilizations upon the land. The people were strong and had an abundance of … Continue reading

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Angel Moroni’s instructions for entering The Terrestrial World

Angel Moroni’s Instructions How to make a personal ceremony at the Altar-to seek the presence of Lord-and enter the Terrestrial World… This is only one of my personal interpretations there are as many as the stars, it’s a pattern, to … Continue reading

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